Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-Engineered Buildings are built in factories using steel. They are shipped to the construction site where they are bolted together. These Pre-Engineered Buildings are designed and built by Lakshay Enterprises (LNT) team. These constructions are ideal for industrial buildings and warehouses. These are economical and erected quickly without any hassle. Moreover, these can be easily dismantled and moved to another site. Also, these can be expanded whenever required. Pre-Engineered Buildings are known as ‘metal boxes’ or ‘tin sheds’. These buildings are rectangular boxes that are covered with metal sheets.

Time is saved since simultaneous foundation and floor slab is constructed. Foundations of the Pre-Engineered Buildings are created with conventional concrete or open foundations. The vast metal buildings attract heavy winds that cause uplifting. Hence, these structures need strong, firm anchorage from the foundation. The thickness of the floor (about 8″-12″/200-300mm) concrete grade slab resting directly on the treated earth. Sometimes this concrete slab is covered with the epoxy floor or polyurethane floor. Meanwhile, the beams and columns are fabricated in the factory. After the floor is ready at the construction site, the columns are shipped to the site. These are lifted into place with the help of cranes and bolted together.